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The 4 Types of Ambulances

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Ambulance Network

Was founded more than 25 years ago in New York, USA. Our company offers new and used ambulances, fire trucks, and all kinds of medical equipment such as stretchers chairs etc. Our clientele consists of private and public clinics, the Red Cross, hospitals, and governments. We focus on medical equipment that is essential for ambulances and rescue teams, however we do offer our clients any medical equipment needed. We have more than 100 Ambulances in stock including ambulances Type 1-2-3-9 Rescue. All our ambulances are completly refurbished .

Visit our Company at 3450 NW 36th Street Miami, Fl 33142


Ambulance Network, Inc. now offers the new AutoVent 3000 at great prices.

We recently added new ambulances to our stock Type 2 - Type 3 - Type 9 check them out.

Great prices on defibrillators Including the AED Plus by Zoll anf the HP Codemaster.

We now offer Ferno Cots - Stretchers. The ferno 93ES beats the records in sales.

We just added new Medical Equipment to our stock make sure not to miss it.